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all about appreciation...


This is where our lovely buyers show their appreciations towards our products and services. If you have purchased our patterns and completed the projects and would love to have your finished works featured here, we are more than pleased to receive your works via email to sales[@], and post them up here and our craftblog once reviewed. (Tips: well photographed works are most likely to get approved)

dolls/crafts made by saplanet
KoKo Rat for Cyndi
Cyndi's KoKo Rat          
wedding dolls for Lek & Jess
yonnie's wedding doll as car decoration
yonnie's wedding doll as car decoration
iris & michael wedding dolls
joanne's inko owl
alex & gogi goat
Lek & Jess wedding dolls
Yonnie's wedding doll
Yonnie's wedding doll
Michael & Iris
wedding doll
Joanne's Inko
Alex & Gogi

dolls/crafts made from saplanet's patterns, by buyers
growing old together dolls by serena wedding couple made from joe & shannon pattern, by serena wedding gift for friend - made from jake & fiona nicole's ugly duckling Serena's Loves in Mug  
Serena's old couple Serena's wedding dolls Wedding gift for friend Nicole's ugly duckling Serena's Lovers Mug Cyndi's quackie duck
cyndi's kokei rooster cyndi's coaster cyndi's santa boy candy's mummy's love lesley's mummy's love cyndi's dotty
Cyndi's kokei
Cyndi's coaster
Cyndi's santa boy
Candy's mummy's love
Lesley's mummy's love
Cyndi's dotty
julie's torgri julie's red riding hood cyndi's wedding couple danielle's pisko squirrel sarah's first attempt nikki's torgri tortoise
Julie's torgri
Julie's red riding hood
Cyndi's wed couple
Danielle's Pisk
Sarah's Miko
Nikki's Torgri
sarah wedding couple sarah's drano dragon Rian's angel of light Nileke's rebbie debbie's dotty devil tracey's torgri tortoise
Sarah's wed couple Sarah's drano Rian's angel Nileke's Rebbie Deb's Dotty Tracey's Torgri
adeline's bunbun rabbit
adeline's kokei rooster
adeline's drano dragon
adeline's wilbie piglet
cyndi's quackie duckling
roberta's happily family
Ad's BunBun
Ad's Kokei
Ad's Drano
Ad's Wilbie
Cyndi's quackie duck
Roberta's happy family
adeline's tikki tiger
Illona's miko kitty
tracey's crawlie bug
tracey's inko owl
adeline's forestie tortoise
adeline's pisko squirrel
Ad's Tikki
Illona's Miko
Tracey's Crawlie
Tracey's Inko
Ad's Forestie
Ad's Pisko

Lovely words from Sharlene
(Purchase: Gogi Goat)

I just wanted to let you know that although it arrived a couple of weeks ago, I only just gave my son his purple goat today – and he loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for me, there is only one word I can use to describe it – PERFECT.  Your work is beautiful.
You have certainly helped create a memory and special significance that my son will never forget.


Lovely words from Jane
(Purchases: 4 pairs of customized wedding dolls)

My fiancee and I cannot thank you enough for the completed work and we adore every single parts of the dolls.

Last but not the least, we wish you all the best and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you to anyone!

Lovely words from Rian

It was my first time at amigurumi, but I had no problems following your instructions. Great job explaining each step and having multiple pictures for each part of the little angel.

Lovely words from Angelica...

I have never been more comfortable working with other people before( creativity wise) thanks for your patience and attention to detail.


Lovely words from Wendy...

Hi Lis.. This may came a bit too late.. (Phew, finally wedding is so over now) But then.. thanks again for the wonderful magnets.

I love it so much.. (Hell, i can't stop telling you how much i love it) My guests love it too! I see them everywhere on their fridge when i go over their place, and how please i am to see my picture there!


Thanks for everything...

Lovely words from


I can't remember how I came across Lis's site but we have developed such a terrific friendship through various emalis and our daily chars on MSN.


I am very pleased and impressed with the work that Lis has put onto the production of my wedding favors and the design of my cartoon. She is also meticulous and dedicated to her work she does not cease to amaze me. She takes some of the stress out of wedding planning as she is not only my supplier but also an amazing counselor for times when I turn into bridezilla. I trusted her well enough to leave her to decide on the details of my favors which turn out FABULOUS. I am sure my guests are going to love it. I am thankful for my new found friend. My only wish is that she is able to make those dolls of hers in the hundreds so that I can give those to my guests too.

- Kathy Lim

Lovely words from


I am a satisfied client of Lis cos she is one of the meticulous, task-orientated yet approachable suppliers I have came across. She's more like a close friend of mine than a supplier to me. She ensures 100% attention to work on my order and never neglects every single detail to make my wedding favor the perfect gift for my guests, it's also something which hubby & I are greatly appreciated for.

There were a couple of hiccups surfaced during the production period at Lis's end e.g. delay of shipment receiving owing to mis-communication between vendor and forwarder during shipping, breakdown of printer etc yet Lis managed to get those tasks expedited/solved within short period. In fact, we didn't give her a tight dateline for collection yet it's that kind of satisfaction for Lis to deliver every order rapidly in the most perfect state.

At times, she is a mentor/counsellor to me as she advises on stress management, budgeting and factors to consider for when I told her about my newly purchased flat etc. She would go extra mile helping me if she could.

She's a great supplier and friend to rely on so rest assured if she's laying her hands on your orders. I would give her a thumb up on her credibility, workmanship and excellent rapport buildup between client & herself...


- Michelle Ng


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