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amigurumi pattern chart

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Princess & Knight amigurumi pattern bride diane amigurumi pattern bride diane amigurumi pattern        
ben & sophie (small) julius & juliane bride diane        
chinese traditional wedding dolls pattern japanese traditional wedding dolls pattern traditional korean wedding dolls jake & fiona wedding dolls bella & wally, modern traditional wedding dolls charles & ling, modern traditional wedding dolls nisse berit and nisse paul amigurumi pattern
chinese wedding japanese wedding korean wedding jake & fiona bella & wally charles & ling nisse berit & paul
kyle & adele wedding dolls abby, the lab specialist amigurumi pattern angel girl vs devil girl amigurumi pattern angel boy vs devil boy amigurumi pattern love story - school sweethearts Princess & Knight amigurumi pattern Graduation Couple  amigurumi pattern
kyle & adele abby, the lab specialist angel vs devil (girl) angel vs devil (boy) school sweethearts princess & knight graduation couple
auspicious boy caicai crochet pattern auspicious girl, xixi crochet pattern bruce boy, break a leg crystal maiden crochet pattern Sai Baba amigurumi pattern Sai Baba amigurumi pattern abo & eli amigurumi cave couple
auspicious caicai auspicious xixi bruce boy crystal maiden Sai Baba (XL) Sai Baba abo & eli
cave couple
saplanet the apple of father's eye crochet pattern saplanet like father like son crochet pattern dilian & mayee amigurumi wedded couple angel elvis amigurumi angel angie amigurumi elena & casper wedding dolls pattern joshua & jenni wedding couple pattern
father & daughter father & son dilian and mayee angel elvis angel angie elana & casper joshua & jenni
joe & shannon wedding couple pattern vampie amigurumi vampire saplanet love begins crochet pattern roja amigurumi ninja jaja amigurumi huggable ninja angel of balance amigurumi angel of knowledge amigurumi
joe & shannon vampie vampire love begins roja ninja jaja huggable ninja angel of balance angel of knowledge
marry me crochet pattern matt & lindsay wedding couple crochet pattern mummy's love crochet pattern omin knight crochet pattern loving old couple in love boat crochet pattern angel of growth amigurumi angel of light amigurumi
marry me matt & lindsay mummy's love omni knight growing old angel of growth angel of light
pinochhio amigurumi pattern rapunzel amigurumi amigurumi red riding hood amigurumi santa boy shintzu amigurumi japanese girl hongtzu amigurumi japanese mum crochet pattern - lovers in a mug by saplanet
pinocchio rapunzel red riding hood santa boy shintzu hongtzu lovers in mug

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