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Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET) is a business registered with ACRA (Singapore), business registration number 53086721D.


SAPLANET ORIGINALS™ is the brainchild of Lis, and it is the perfect playground for a girl who refuses to grow up.


Lis creates an unlimited space in her mind to allow the gifted child in herself play quietly, insanely, creatively, and anything imaginable and unimaginable. While social communication poses a challenge, she best expresses herself through creativity based on a myriad of artistic interests.


Lis' training in various other professions includes Business Management, major in Human Resources; Counseling, Professional Supervisory in Retail; Professional Secretarial Diploma, Specialist Diploma in Psychology (Early Childhood Psychology). However, she found having her crafting business; Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET) to be her favorite full-time job.


The crafting business is far beyond being just a job. Lis can be socially awkward, so her works are her way of communicating with the world. Lis has just completed her Bachelor degree in psychology in July 2018, a learning journey that is enriched by her overseas studies in Perth (Australia), and Odense (Denmark).

Presently, we operate strictly as an eCommerce merchant, which allows us to showcase our quality products on an international platform. We do not have a brick & mortar shop.


Our products are mainly handcrafted items, and each prides with sincerity and effort. As we expand, we realized that it's essential to offer the same supplies we are using to make the dolls and toys since we design and provide the ePatterns for sale too. It is our aim to becoming the one-stop venue for buyers to shop for all essential needs to make the amigurumi toys and other crochet products from our patterns.


SAPLANET ORIGINALS™, handcrafting simple joy, every day.




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