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shipping to different address

It is possible to have your order shipped to another address different from your resident country, by adding a gift address BEFORE checking out. PayPal forbids adding addresses different from your own country, unless the shopping cart has the capability to allow customers to include a gifting address.

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to add the gift address. In this example, our resident address is Singapore, and we are shipping to USA address.

add gifting address


1. Log in to your account
=> my account / log in

add gifting address


1. Once logged in, select My Account at the dropdown menu
=> my account / My Account

add gifting address


1. Under My Account, select View or change entries in my address book
=> My Account Information / My Account / View or change entries in my address book

add gifting address


1. There should already be an existing Primary Address in your address book, select 'add address'.
=> My Personal Address Book / Add Address

add gifting address


1. Fill in the new address, select 'Submit'

add gifting address


1. New address is now available for selection at checkout

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