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download instruction (iPhone)

*regrettably, we are not Android users, therefore unable to provide step-by-step instruction, but we figure that the method is similar.


1. Refer to the convo (etsy) or order status update (through email). The 'DOWNLOAD LINK' is the link that you download your patterns. Your email address is the password used to open the pattern file.

Click on the download link provided to you.




2. The link will open on your iPhone browser (we use Safari for this demo); there are at least 3 files in the directory:

- Your purchased patterns (depending on how many you have purchased)

- *DOWNLOAD_PATTERN_TO_DESKTOP.txt (for you to save in your harddisk for future reference)

- *Dropbox_instruction.png (an image file to show you how to save the patterns to desktop - if you are using desktop)

Click on your pattern file (here, we named the pattern file as Demo_Pattern.pdf)

*If you have a dropbox account, just click 'Open in app' and it will prompt you to save to your dropbox.




3. On the top right hand corner, you will see an icon, Click on that icon.




4. Click 'Direct download'




5. You will be prompted to enter the password to open the file, Enter your email address that is registered with us (refer to #1 - notification email)




6. As you type, the password will be encrypted - we recommend that you copy and paste the email address to avoid error.


Click 'Go' after entering password




7. The file will open.

Note: The file is not yet saved, it is only opened in browser, if you don't save it before the download link expires, you will not be able to access the file after that.

Select the 'share' icon at the bottom panel of your browser window




8. You will see the different options. If you have an app to store PDF files, you may do so, otherwise, you may choose to email to yourself by selecting the 'email' option.




10. The new message window will open with the pattern file attached, including the download link (which will expire soon).




Please keep in mind that it is the buyer's responsibility to save and store a copy of the purchased pattern, as though buying a physical book from a bookstore.


#Dropbox is a cloud storage system that you can set up an account for free.



Download Link Reactivation

Crashed your computer and lost the patterns? Reactivate your pattern download link if your pattern is purchased within 6 months.

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