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deluxe acrylic yarn

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We have almost all the colors for the deluxe acrylic yarns. Here is the yarn chart for your reference.


Customization selection (for finished products that offer customization service)
You may select any colors from deluxe acrylic yarns.


Soft acrylic yarn, commonly used to make baby products, in place of wool (allergies in some babies).
Single color 100% acrylic yarn
WPI - 18 WPI (wrap per inch) - also known as fingering yarn/lace yarn
Yardage: 180 meter (197yard) per skein

Weight: 40~42gm
Needle size: 2~2.5
Hook size: 1.5~1.75mm (for amigurumi dolls/use larger hook size to yield looser stitches for other projects)

single color acrylic yarns (deluxe collection)





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