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Collective Fundraiser 2012

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Collective Fundraiser 2012 wawa, the sleeping baby monster wawa, the sleeping baby monster wawa, the sleeping baby monster


[The Princess, The Knight, and The Monster]
When we were children, we imagined ourselves as a Princesses, precious and treasured by many. We believe that there is a charming Knight for every princess. In times of danger and struggles, the charming knight will spring to our rescue, and we will feel safe again.


Princess and Prince seems like the perfect match, but see, princes are royal by birth; while every man/modern woman can rise to become Knights! In our opinion, anyone can be a Knight. It is only a matter of willingness, might, and determination; most importantly, to have someone to protect and guard over.


In every woman's life, there are men; in every man's life, there are women.


Breast Cancer, a feminine term perhaps, is not purely a woman's disease, but undoubtedly a female dominated one. It is not just a woman's battle, but a fight of both men and women.


With the support of our loved ones - be it a husband, a father, a brother, a grandfather, an uncle, a boyfriend, a male friend etc - it is half way ahead in winning the battle with cancer.


We honor the Knights. While the cancer patient endures the physical and emotional pain caused by cancer; the Knights in her life suffer immeasurable emotional pain too. Knights, feel incapacitated and powerless because they are unable to slay the Monster with their swords, and take the pain away from their beloved Princess. Little do they know, just buy guarding over the Princess, gives the Princess super powers to brave the challenges ahead.


[The Beneficiary - Breast Cancer Foundation - BCF]
BCF is a non-profit organisation set up in 1997 with the mission of eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. To achieve this, it propagates awareness and education through talks, seminars, exhibitions and publications, and advocates early detection through regular screening. Support and volunteer programmes are organised for survivors and their families through counselling and healing through art activities – all with the aim of helping survivors regain their active life after breast cancer. BCF is one of the few breast cancer advocacy groups in the world with a Men's Support League to emphasise men's roles in society's fight against this affliction.


Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET), the organizer and the participating labels support this cause and pledge all proceeds# made from the sale of all Care Bags to Breast Cancer Foundation. (Official receipt/document will be posted here once received from the beneficiary.)

#all proceeds excludes shipping fee and paypal fee (if applicable)

[Participating Labels]


[BeadyGirl & Cynthia Poh Designs]

Beady Girl was launched in May 2005 to showcase Cynthia's beautiful collections of handmade jewelry and craft works. Her finished pieces are fashionable, elegant and artistic.



[BelLeeBeadz Creations]

Belinda Lee - a bored housewife with a passion for creating pretty things.


I started BelLeebeadz Creations after much persuasion from my husband and children. I was doing 'reverse engineering' on all my old costume jewellery and correcting and perfecting the flaws in each one of them. I felt I did a pretty good job and then started creating pieces for my daughter. She would get compliments from her friends who persuaded her to get me to make some pieces for them. From those requests, I grew more confident and eventually started a blog from which I

still showcase and market my creations.


[Crysallis Creations]

My venture with making wearable "arts" as I see them, started when I tried to find something to occupy my time, and it's been basically an avalanche since then. Meeting other artisans from all over was quite a thrill for me, I feel privileged to know and work with some of the most talented and kind hearted artists of all genre, with use of the World Wide Web, all distance had gone into oblivion! I am proud to take part in this project together with my peers to raise fund for Breast Cancer awareness in Singapore.


I hope you'll enjoy each and every piece that I offer! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, the creator behind each and every piece listed here in my Etsy shop - CrysallisCreations.




[Piggy's Little Shop]

Whimsical & wearable handmade jewelry to perk up your every day. We create handmade pieces catering to your different moods and fancies.


[Simple Arts Planet - SAPLANET]

Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET) is the brainchild of Lis, the founder of the indie label - "SAPLANET ORIGINALS™". We specialize in Amigurumi designs, distinguishable from others. Our best selling categories include wedding dolls and baby booties. We offer a wide range of products including Amigurumi etutorials, hand made products such as finished dolls, and cozies.


At SAPLANET ORIGINALS™, we only make and sell what is good enough for our own use, and we set high expectation in quality.



My crafts such as be beading, jewelry and of coz sewing; are usually made during weekends and/or leisure time. And mostly craft while I sip my cuppa; thus "Sip-a-Cuppa" came as my little own branding. As a Crafter, I just want all recipients who purchase or received from others to be happy, joyful and smiles all over them; with their hearts filled with peace & loves!




A world of paper creations where each item is individually handcrafted, UNIQUE as they are and up for GRABS ! UniqueGrabs aims to create unique greeting cards for all to send lovely messages to their loved ones.







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