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High School Sweethearts - Anna & Alex Amigurumi Dolls (MTO)

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Anna and Alex were high school sweethearts. The budding love was pure and uncomplicated. They stole time from homework and self-study to just be with each other. They were contented just being in each other’s presence.

Anna has a sister named Alison. Anna bugged Alison to plait her French braid at 5am every morning of school days, as she wanted to look her best for Alex.

Life happened, and they went separate ways. Today, more than a decade later, their paths cross again and pick up where they left off. Some people call that fate or destiny; we call it second chance.

Couple: approximately 9.5cm / 3.75"

(refer to Customization Guide - url located on the left side panel - for detailed guide and charts)

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pants: code
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messenger bag flap: code
eyes: code (recommended 6mm round/7mm oval black eyes)

skin: code
hair: code
blouse: code
skirt: code
shoes: code
socks: code
haversack body: code
haversack flap: code
eyes: code (recommended 6mm round/7mm oval black eyes)

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1. replace 'code' with color code from the yarn chart stated in the 'GUIDE'
2. omit selection accordingly
3. If extras (groom's suit, couple's hairstyles etc) are selected, replace the default item with the selected option, and include the colors that you want. If no colors are provided, we will choose a suitable color at our discretion.

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